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Physics Colloquia

Fridays at 1200hrs In Newman B


14 May 2010 Star formation from spiral arms to the Galactic Centre
Ian Bonnell, University of St. Andrews
21 May 2010 From NanoPhotonics to optical superconductors: using light-matter quasiparticles
Jeremy J. Baumberg, University of Cambridge
28 May 2010 Novel applications of high magnetic fields: Using the Lorentz force to image electronic wavefunctions in semiconducting quantum dots and to study the dynamics of spinning and levitating water droplets
Laurence Eaves, University of Nottingham
4 June 2010 Electromechanical properties of graphene
Eros Mariani, University of Exeter
11 June 2010 Conduction of single molecules measured using scanning tunnelling microscopy
Martin Elliott, University of Cardiff


For more details contact Euan Hendry.


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