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Physics Colloquia

Fridays at 1200hrs In Newman F

15 Oct 2004 The influence of flexoelectricity on the measurement of liquid crystalline elastic
Dr N Mottram, University of Strathclyde
22 Oct 2004 Magnetic interactions in thin film heterostructures
Dr M Blamire, University of Cambridge
29 Oct 2004 Optical traps and motor proteins
Dr J Sleep, Kings College London
5 Nov 2004 Climate modelling - a 21st century grand challenge
Dr T Johns, Met Office
12 Nov 2004 The early stages of star formation
Dr J Hatchell, University of Exeter
19 Nov 2004 Magnetic x-ray resonant scattering of magnetic nanostructures
Prof G van der Laan
26 Nov 2004 Toujours avec moderation - the story of graphite in nuclear reactors
Prof M Heggie, University of Sussex
3 Dec 2004 Optical parametric oscillators: the unsung alternative to the laser
Prof  D Hanna, University of Southampton



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