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Physics Colloquia

Fridays at 1200hrs In Newman F

18 Oct 2002 Retrieving atmospheric temperature and composition from thermal radiation
Prof G. Peckham, Heriot-Watt
25 Oct 2002 TBA
Prof J. Knight, University of Bath
01 Nov 2002 The life cycle of a very massive star: from birth to supernova
Dr P. Crowther, UCL
08 Nov 2002 Electrodeposition: from rough films to precision plating
Dr W. Schwarzacher, University of Bristol
15 Nov 2002 TBA
Dr H. Doebereiner, MPI Potsdam
22 Nov 2002 Quantum computing in the solid state: the challenge of decoherence
Prof A. Fisher, UCL
29 Nov 2002 Violent star formation
Prof A. Whitworth, University of Wales Cardiff
6 Dec 2002 Large facilities for media studies
Prof S. Lee, University of St. Andrews



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