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Physics and Astronomy
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Physics Colloquia

Fridays at 1200hrs In Newman F


21 Jan 2005 [Star Formation]
Dr Ian Bonnell, University of St Andrews
4 Feb 2005 TBA
11 Feb 2005 The Royal Road to the Magellanic Clouds
Dr Tim Harries, University of Exeter
18 Feb 2004 Biological magnets - Natural and synthetic magnetic nanoparticles in medicine and biology
Dr Jon Dobson, University of Keele
25 Feb 2005 How to make 100 million a day - 100 million degrees, the temperature at which plasmas burn
Dr Rob Akers, UKAEA Culham
4 Mar 2005 Diffraction from a beam of laser-aligned proteins
Prof John Spence, Arizona State University
11 Mar 2005 The Antarctic Planetary Interferometer
Dr Mark Swain, LAOG Grenoble / JPL


For more details contact Mark McCaughrean.


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