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Physics Colloquia

Fridays at 1200hrs In Newman F


23 January 2009 Manipulating Microwaves with Plasmonic Metamaterials
Alastair Hibbins, University of Exeter
6 February 2009 Application of Advanced Optical Imaging Technologies to Radiation Biology Studies
Boris Vojnovic, University of Oxford
13 February 2009 DNA "telepathy": the secret of perfect match
Alexei Kornyshev, Imperial College London
20 February 2009 Slow Light and the Trapped Rainbow
Ortwin Hess, University of Surrey
27 February 2009 Nanomaterials in motion
Beverley Inkson, University of Sheffield
6 March 2009 Listening to the Universe with Gravitational Waves
Bernard Schutz, Max-Planck-Institut für Gravitationsphysik, Potsdam
13 March 2009 Postponed
Direct Imaging of Exoplanets
Jenny Patience, University of Exeter


For more details contact Euan Hendry.


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