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Physics Colloquia

Fridays at 1200hrs In Newman F

11 May 2001 Photophysics of semiconductor pi-conjugated polymers for optoelectronics
Dr C. Silva, University of Cambridge
18 May 2001 Photonic crystal fibres - trapping light with holes
Dr W. Wadsworth, University of Bath
25 May 2001 Stripes, spots and helter-skelters: New states in quantum Hall systems
Prof. J. Chalker, University of Oxford
1 June 2001 New ways of investigating subtle structures in liquid crystals
Dr H. Gleeson, University of Manchester
8 June 2001 Light emitting devices in silicon
Dr K. Homewood, University of Surrey
15 June 2001 Stellar encounters in crowded places
Dr M. Davies, University of Leicester



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