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Physics Colloquia

Fridays at 1200hrs In Newman F

15 Oct 1999 Spontaneous emission and energy transfer in the optical microcavity
Dr W.L. Barnes, University of Exeter
22 Oct 1999 Prospects for Bose condensation of excitons in semiconductors
Prof. P.B. Littlewood, Cambridge University
29 Oct 1999 Hunting the Higgs
Dr H.F. Heath, University of Bristol
5 Nov 1999 Theoretical description of chirality and chiral discrimination in liquid crystals
Prof. M.A. Osipov, University of Exeter
12 Nov 1999 Do superconductors possess a Fermi surface?
Dr P.J. Meeson, University of Bristol
19 Nov 1999 Geodynamo models
Prof. A.M. Soward, University of Exeter
26 Nov 1999 The BASER: Teaching bosonic behaviour to electron-hole pairs in semiconductors
Prof. J.J. Baumberg, University of Southampton
3 Dec 1999 Mixtures of big spheres and little spheres: Entropically driven phase transitions and depletion forces
Prof. R. Evans, University of Bristol



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