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Physics Colloquia

Fridays at 1200hrs In Newman F

12 Oct 2001 Quantum phases of vortices in atomic bose condensates
Dr N. Cooper, University of Cambridge
19 Oct 2001 Self-assembled semiconductor quantum dots: growth, properties and implications for optoelectronics
Prof T. Jones, Imperial College London
26 Oct 2001 Environmental effects for point defects in semiconductors
Prof L. Dobaczewski, Polish Academy of Sciences
02 Nov 2001 Nanoscale photonics of structural transformations
Prof N. Zheludev, University of Southhampton
09 Nov 2001 Correlating microstructure and electronic structure via low electron energy loss spectroscopy in a VG STEM
Dr U. Bangert, UMIST
16 Nov 2001 Cancelled

23 Nov 2001 Near-field microscopy of surface plasmon polaritons on randomly rough and nanostructured surfaces
Dr A. Zayats, The Queen's University of Belfast
30 Nov 2001 Quantum transport in magnetic multilayers
Prof B. Hickey, University of Leeds
07 Dec 2001 Collective excitations of the fractional quantum Hall effect
Dr C. Mellor, University of Nottingham



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