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Physics Colloquia

Fridays at 1200hrs In Newman F


18 January 2008 Magnetic tracking of single proteins - a novel biophysical method
Andriy Moskalenko, University of Bath
25 January 2008 Quantum nanostructures (TBC)
Cyrus Hirjibehedin, University College London
1 February 2008 Measuring the electric dipole moment of the neutron - a very small measurement with very big consequences
David Wark, Imperial College London / Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
8 February 2008 The E.S.A. Cosmic Vision Programme
David Southwood, European Space Agency
15 February 2008 Semiconductor optics (TBC)
Mauro Pereira, Sheffield Hallam University
22 February 2008 Modeling of oxide precipitate nucleation in silicon using ab initio calculations and classical nucleation theory
Gudrun Kissinger, IHP Microelectronics, Frankfurt an der Oder
29 February 2008 Protostellar disc dynamics and planet formation
Giuseppe Lodato, University of Leicester
7 March 2008 Near-field cosmology with Local Group galaxies
Mike Irwin, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge


For more details contact Mark McCaughrean.


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