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Physics Colloquia

Fridays at 1200hrs In Newman F


21 October 2005 Why does ∇ appear in Ginzburg-Landau theories of 2nd order phase transitions?
Michael Linehan, Chalmers University
28 October 2005 The role of hydrogen doping in ZnO: a case of mistaken identity?
Jonathan Goss, University of Newcastle
4 November 2005 The Antikythera Mechanism
Mike Edmunds, Cardiff University
11 November 2005 Dance of the chromosomes: modelling cell division
John Lydon, University of Leeds
18 November 2005 Viscoelasticity in 2D surface monolayers
Pietro Cicuta, University of Cambridge
25 November 2005 Elemental abundances as clues to galaxy evolution
Max Pettini, University of Cambridge
2 December 2005 Life changing physics: physical fields and biological organisation
Paul O'Shea, University of Nottingham
9 December 2005 Dusty plasma research at Oxford
Paul Smith, University of Oxford


For more details contact Mark McCaughrean.


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