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Physics Colloquia

Fridays at 1200hrs In Newman F

22 Jan 1999 Understanding Rayleigh scattering
Dr R Phillips, Cambridge University
29 Jan 1999 Anyon excitons in the fractional quantum Hall regime
Dr ME Portnoi, University of Exeter
12 Feb 1999 "Horse sense": why they don't bet on people...
Mr D Attenburrow, University of Exeter
19 Feb 1999 SiGe/Si quantum wells in Si microelectronics - will they be useful?
Dr D Robbins, DERA
26 Feb 1999 2-D nanostructure templates for molecular guidance systems
Dr R Raval, University of Liverpool
5 Mar 1999 Organic magnets and superconductors: over a muon's dead body
Dr SJ Blundell, Oxford University
12 Mar 1999 Surface structure determination using photoelectron diffraction
Prof DP Woodruff, University of Warwick



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