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Physics Colloquia

Fridays at 1200hrs In Newman B


29 Jan 2010 Spintronics at Magnetic Domain Walls
Christopher Marrows, University of Leeds
05 Feb 2010 Structure and Evolution of Exo-planets
Isabelle Baraffe, University of Exeter
12 Feb 2010 Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging of Molecular Rotors to Map Micro-viscosity in Cells
Klaus Suhling, Kings College London
19 Feb 2010 Terahertz Phonon Lasers: A Big Sound from Nanostructures
Anthony Kent, University of Nottingham
26 Feb 2010 Coupled Scattering Resonances to Interface Single Emitters to Single Photons
Femius Koenderink, AMOLF Netherlands
5 Mar 2010 Measuring the ages of young stars
Tim Naylor, University of Exeter
12 Mar 2010 A New Condensate of Matter and Light: Bose Einstein Condensation of Polaritons
Peter Littlewood, University of Cambridge
19 Mar 2010 Investigating dephasing in III-V semiconductors and carbon based coupled quantum dots
Charles G. Smith, University of Cambridge
26 Mar 2010 Quantum Metrology and the new SI system
J. T. Janssen, National Physical Laboratory


For more details contact Stavroula Foteinopoulou.


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