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Physics Colloquia

Fridays at 1200hrs In Newman F


6 May 2005 The large scale simulation of semiconductor nanostructures
Dr Max Migliorato, University of Sheffield
13 May 2005 Parametric Scattering of Microcavity Polaritons: Directionality, Dynamics, and Quantum Complementarity
Dr Wolfgang Langbein, Cardiff University
20 May 2005 Molecules and Cooper Pairs in Ultracold Gases
Prof Keith Burnett, University of Oxford
27 May 2005 Electronic properties of defects induced by irradiation with high energy particles in crystalline Ge and SiGe alloys
Dr Vladimir Markevich, UMIST
3 June 2005 A Bayesian Revolution in Spectral Analysis
Prof Phil Gregory, University of British Columbia
10 June 2005 Tailoring energy localization and loss in plasmonics
Dr Stefan Maier, University of Bath
17 June 2005 Controlling curvature: a step closer to assembling membrane machines
Dr Peter Petrov, University of Exeter
24 June 2005 New X-ray observations of star-forming galaxies
Prof Martin Ward, University of Durham


For more details contact Steve Matcher.


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