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Physics Colloquia

Fridays at 1200hrs In Newman B


16 Oct 2009 Holographic Ghost Imaging and the Violation of the Bell Inequality
Miles Padgett, University of Glasgow
23 Oct 2009 Topological Phases of Matter and Why You Should Be Interested
Steve Simon, University of Oxford
30 Oct 2009 The Interaction between a Protoplanet and a Circumstellar Disc
Steve Lubow, Space Telescope Science Institute
6 Nov 2009 Stability of Semiconductor Laser Arrays: Strong and Weak-coupling Theory
Sebastian Wieczorek, University of Exeter
13 Nov 2009 X-Winds, Funnel Flows & Regulated Accretion in Low Mass Stars & Brown Dwarfs
Subhanjoy Mohanty, Imperial College London
20 Nov 2009 Maximum Entropy for Fun and Profit
Geoff Daniell, University of Southampton
27 Nov 2009 Electrical Control of Magnetization in Ferromagnetic Materials
Leonid Rokhinson, Purdue University
4 Dec 2009 Atomic-scale Landscapes of Free-standing Graphene - Natural, Dosed and Doped
Ursel Bangert, University of Manchester


For more details contact Euan Hendry.


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