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Physics Colloquia

Fridays at 1200hrs In Newman E

17 Jan 2003 3D Optical Tomography of the Newborn Infant Brain
Prof J.C. Hebden, University College London
24 Jan 2003 ULTRACAM - High-speed Astrophysics
Dr V. Dhillon, University of Sheffield
31 Jan 2003 No colloquium: Exam week
07 Feb 2003 Advanced Magnetic Materials Produced by Assembling Nanoclusters
Prof C. Binns, University of Leicester
14 Feb 2003 The Creation of Cold Antihydrogen
Prof M. Charlton, University of Wales, Swansea
21 Feb 2003 Massive Young Stars in the Galaxy
Dr M.G. Hoare, University of Leeds
28 Feb 2003 Cancelled
07 Mar 2003 Mapping Magnetic Structure and Disorder in Magnetic Thin Film
Dr S. Langridge, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
14 Mar 2003 Diamond-like carbon thin films
Dr D. Carey, University of Surrey
21 Mar 2003 Attosecond light pulses
Dr J W G Tisch, Imperial College London



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