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Physics Colloquia

Fridays at 1200hrs In Newman F

7 May 2004 Advanced Si Devices for Future IC's
Dr Y. V. Ponomarev, IMEC, Belgium
14 May 2004 Symmetry Breaking in the Quark Distributions of the Proton
Prof A. I. Signal, Massey University, New Zealand
21 May 2004 Bio-inspired Design: Mother Nature's Recipes
Dr C. Lawrence, QinetiQ
28 May 2004 The Physics of Flying Frogs
Prof A. Geim, University of Manchester
Thursday 3 Jun 2004 Cathodoluminescence Spectral Mapping of III-N Semiconductors : Why? How? What?
Dr R. Martin, Strathclyde University
11 Jun 2004 The Magic Electromagnetic Field and the Swiftly Spinning Sphere
Prof D. Lynden-Bell, University of Cambridge
18 Jun 2004 100 Million Degrees - The Temperature at which Plasmas Burn
Dr R. Akers, UKAEA
25 Jun 2004 A New Class of Rare Earth Magnetic Compounds with Extraordinary Properties
Prof D. Jiles, Iowa State University, USA



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