University of Exeter Handbook (Physics) Questions/Comments Department (Physics)

Academic Roles and Responsibilities

Head of Discipline

The Head of Physics and Astronomy is Prof. T. J. Harries. Please direct general enquiries to the Education Support Office (Tel. 01392 723788, email: in the first instance.

Delegated Responsibilities

The Education Support Team (EST) work in collaboration with the following staff who have delegated responsibility for the specific areas listed. Tasks are linked to the relevant job description elsewhere in this Handbook; italicisation indicates that a task is one aspect of a more general job description. Staff identified by their initials are expected to act in an advisory role.

Programme Support (Physics)
JobPerson Responsible
Director of Education and Student ExperienceDr E. Mariani
Director of EducationDr P. Loren-Aguilar
Stage 1 CoordinatorDr S. M. Strawbridge
Stage 2 CoordinatorDr. Ben Sherlock
Stage 3 (at Exeter) CoordinatorProf. V. V. Kruglyak
Stage 3 (Study Abroad) CoordinatorDr E. Mariani
Stage 3 (Professional Placement) CoordinatorDr S. P. Hepplestone
Stage 4 CoordinatorDr C. M. Brunt
Combined Honours CoordinatorDr. Ben Gardner

Projects (Physics)
JobPerson Responsible
MPhys Projects Co-ordinatorProf. M. R. Bate

Activity Co-ordinators
Welcome Week (Induction Week)Dr S. M. Strawbridge
Student and PhysSoc LiaisonDr P. Loren-Aguilar
Careers and Employability Co-ordinatorProf. S. Hinkley
Senior TutorDr P. Loren-Aguilar
Welfare OfficerDr P. Loren-Aguilar
Academic lead for student support
(racial equality and inclusion)
Dr P. Loren-Aguilar

Facilities Co-ordinators
Library Co-ordinatorDr P. Loren-Aguilar

Problems-Classes and Mid-Term Tests
Level 1 Problems ClassesProf. J. J. Moger
Level 2 Problems ClassesDr. Konstantina Papadopoulou

Membership of Department Committees
CommitteeChairVice ChairMembership
Education Committee Dr P. Loren-Aguilar ADoE PLA/SMS, GPS, CMB, PGP, SSLC Student Representative, EEU Representative, College Representative
Mitigation Committee Dr P. Loren-Aguilar - -
Student Staff Liaison Committee Student Student Students

PostPerson Responsible [Consultant]
Physics Tutorial System Co-ordinatorDr S. M. Strawbridge
TimetableDr P. Loren-Aguilar
Undergraduate Admissions and PublicityProf. J. R. Meakin, Prof. M. R. Bate
Assessment OfficerProf. V. V. Kruglyak
External Students Registration AdvisorDr E. Mariani
Allocation of DemonstratorsProf. J. Bertolotti, Dr. Dave Phillips
Teaching Quality OfficerDr. Claire Davies

AreaPerson Responsible
Physics and Astronomy HandbookProf. M. K. M. Browning
Academic Misconduct OfficerDr A. D. Corbett

University of Exeter Handbook (Physics) Questions/Comments Department (Physics)