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Stage 3 Professional Experience Co-ordinator

Role Description

  1. Facilitate the development and smooth-running Stage 3 Placement of the Physics with Professional Experience programme.
  2. Prepare students for Professional Experience, deal with related issues.
  3. Co-ordinate production by module instructors of appropriate packs of support material for independent study of core modules.
  4. Develop, and monitor compliance with, necessary agreements, codes of practice, and checklists. In particular:
  5. Facilitate efficient and smooth running of programme.
  6. Annually review the following pages in the Physics Handbook are up-to-date and notify the Editor of any updates required:
  7. Monitor student progress and ensure that he progress of students studying away from Exeter is monitored and supported by regular individual email contact by staff members designated by the Director of Education.
  8. Confirm that required assessments and reports are undertaken at the correct times.
  9. Debrief students on completion of their Stage 3 Year.
  10. Co-odinate with Admissions Team to ensure that publicity material is up-to-date.

Important Dates

Feb/MarPreparation of paperwork liasion with host organistations
Week 12/13Preparation of students for Professional Experience
Week 30Make arrangements with IT Services to forward new passwords to students undertaking Professional Experience

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