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Terms of Reference for Department Committees

Education Committee


Meets: twice per term with extra meetings as required by special circumstances (e.g. Programme Review).

Notes: Stage Coordinators have a dual role, they act as both Assistant Senior Tutor and Assistant Director of Education for a Stage.


Monitors all aspects of teaching and learning, reporting to Department Meeting and College Education Strategy group, liaising with other committees, as necessary.
  1. Monitor and review the Department's ability to attain it educational aims and intended learning outcomes and inform College of resources needed to sustain and develop the infrastructure of teaching and learning.
  2. Implement and monitor the applicable parts of the College's current Education Plan
  3. Encourage innovation in teaching and learning and related staff development activity.
  4. Initiate, consider and approve plans covering all aspects of the teaching and learning programmes.
  5. Develop responses to individual, local, national and international initiatives.
  6. Implement and monitor mechanisms for ensuring the maintenance of the quality of teaching and learning.
  7. Review all aspects of teaching in the light of reports from examiners, students and from internal and external appraisals.
  8. Coordinate the Department's response to any external appraisal.
  9. Oversee recruitment of undergraduate students.
  10. Implement the aims, policies and procedures of the University as they apply to learning and teaching
  11. Monitor, maintain and enhance academic standards in the Department
  12. Monitor, maintain and enhance the scope and coherence of the curricula of the Department's programmes
  13. Monitor teaching quality by a range of indicators, and formulate and disseminate policy that will assure and enhance the quality of learning and teaching activities in the Department
  14. Develop and maintain mechanisms for the support of students in learning
  15. Consult students formally about learning and teaching matters in the Department, and ensure that, wherever appropriate, students participate in decisions about learning and teaching
  16. Co-ordinate the development of expertise in teaching and learning pedagogy by the Department's staff
  17. Advise the Head of Physics on the effective deployment of the Department's resources in learning and teaching activities
See also: [University] Code of Good Practice

Student/Staff Liaison Committee