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Problems Class Co-ordinator

The Problems Class Co-ordinator is responsible for all aspects of the class, which are to be run in accordance with the published Code of Practice. This responsibility includes, amongst other things, health and safety matters so their whereabouts during class hours must always be known. If the co-ordinator leaves the class for any reason, the identity of the person taking temporary charge should be made clear to all tutors.

Role Description

  1. Check room suitability at start of year.
  2. Organise training session and brief problems tutors on role, prepare and circulate schedule of classes and mid-semester tests to students and staff. Prepare and circulate schedule of marking to demonstrators.
  3. Ensure that all problems tutors are familiar with the problems.
  4. By providing timely feedback about student performance, help the staff lecturing related modules to develop appropriate problems and keep the class relevant.
  5. Liaise with the Education Support Office where necessary, e.g. if BART is to be used to collect student work.
  6. Ensure problems sheets are provided to student (or published on ELE) at the appropriate times.
  7. Monitor and correct any errors on problem paper and solutions.
  8. Keep record of marks, and attendance by students and demonstrators.
  9. Where a mitigating circumstances claim has been approved, assist with the operation of the missing-marks procedure.
  10. Monitor student attendance, notify the Stage Co-ordinator of absences. Issue students who been absent twice in one term with a copy of the Department's Warning Form and return the signed receipt to the Education Support Office.
  11. Use the eClaims system to approve payment for hours worked by problems tutors and ensure that these are consistent with the applicable Hours Allocation Template (HAT) for the role:
  12. At the end of each term, calculate the overall mark for each student mark and pass to Education Support Office. Where 'missing marks' have been included in the calculation please indicate this clearly.
  13. Issue mark schemes and solutions for the problems tutors for each class
  14. Coordinate duplication of mid-term test papers, invigilate test, ensure that all scripts have been collected and none have been dropped, return scripts to Education Support Office without delay after the test has completed.
  15. Assist the Education Support Office in making appropriate arrangements for Students with Disabilities to take mid-semester tests.

Important Dates

SeptemberPlan detailed timetable for the Problems Classes: dates, place, times, topics and demonstrators for each.
SeptemberBrief demonstrators
SeptemberLiaise with the Term T1 module instructors, to ensure that two sets of problems are available for each class (one distributed one week in advance, and one to be tackled unseen)
JanuaryLiaise with the Term T2 module instructors, as above.
FebruaryLiaise with the Timetable Correspondent.

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