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MPhys Projects Co-ordinator

Role Description

Ensure the MPhys projects follow the specification published in the Physics Handbook. In particular:

  1. Ensure that the research areas devise and structure the appropriate number of suitable one- and two-year MPhys projects each year.
  2. Liaise with the Director of Education to ensure that the necessary funding will be available to make these projects possible. Monitor expenditure throughout the year and ensure that the relevant account codes do not run into deficit.
  3. Arrange for the abstracts for the available projects to be uploaded to the project preferences server.
  4. Allocate projects per the procedures published in the Physics Handbook:
  5. Chair meetings associated with the academic assessments of MPhys project work, ensure that the staff and students know the assessment criteria, and arrange with staff and students the timetables for the various assessment stages.
  6. Monitor the supervision and assessment of the students throughout their projects and ensure that the agreed stages of the structure of the projects are implemented.
  7. Ensure that assessment and feedback arrangements comply with the

Important Dates

Early JanuaryCall for research project proposals
FebruaryCheck that sufficient projects have been proposed and that the resources needed will be available.
Late April/early MayRefer potential MPhys students to the abstracts of the proposed projects and collated their project preferences.
Throughout the yearCoordinate assessment events as specified in the applicable module descriptions.
Throughout the yearAssist the research project supervisors to follow consistent assessment procedures and liaise with the research project supervisors to ensure that various stages of the agreed project structure are being implemented throughout the academic year.

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