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External Students Registration Advisor

Role Description

  1. Provide advice about suitability and mechanics of taking courses in the Department to external (i.e. not taking one of the standard undergraduate Physics degree programmes) students from other Departments and institutions, particularly in the USA, Europe and other countries
  2. Provide advice on content of modules and suitablility of modules.
  3. Contribute to negotiation of new institutional exchange agreements.
  4. Arrange any documentation on assessment required by visiting students.
  5. Deal with registration-related timetable needs of external students. Give general guidance on academic matters to such students throughout year.
  6. Arrange appropriate academic and/or pastoral tutor support.
  7. Deal with enquiries about electives from other Departments.
  8. Approve and Sign registration forms, supplying copies to the person responsible for Registration (degree programmes)
  9. Supply information for Department's entry in the University Study Abroad Prospectus.
  10. Act as subject co-ordinator for the Flexible Combined Honours Programme

Important Dates

Start of sessionProvide advice on suitability, registration, etc. Check and sign registration forms.
Through yearMonitor progress and provide point of initial contact for students with enquiries or difficulties.
MayCheck/revise Department's entry in the University Study Abroad prospectus
End yearArrange for transcripts and credit transfer forms to be completed.

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