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Study Abroad Co-ordinator

Role Description

  1. Be familiar with the structure of Stages 3 and 4 of Physics programmes with Study Abroad
  2. Manage undergraduate degrees with study abroad in countries outside the EU
  3. Maintain links with current host institutions
  4. Establish links with new host institutions
  5. Prepare students for study abroad,
  6. Approve students' programme of study while abroad,
  7. Receive results abroad, coordinate moderation, etc.
  8. Check that students' module choices in Stage 4 do not significant duplicate material studied at Stage 3 and that any missed core material caught up with, by independent study if necessary.
  9. Co-ordinate a schedule of visits to host institutions and brief staff involved.
  10. Annually review the following pages in the Physics Handbook are up-to-date and notify the Editor of any updates required:
  11. Develop, and monitor compliance with, necessary agreements, codes of practice, and checklists. In particular:

Important Dates

AprilPreparation of students for year abroad; preparation of paperwork
MayNotify students abroad of deadline for receipt of portfolio
JuneMake arrangements with IT Services to forward new passwords to students abroad
July/AugustEnsure that portfolios are evaluated by an appropriate person.
July/AugustAccommodation, etc.

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