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Examinations Officer

Role Description

This role is the joint responsibility of Education Support and the Physics Academic Assessment Officer.

  1. Coordinate preparation of examination papers for all modules involving assessment by written papers.
  2. Ensure SRS/SITS contains accurate records of all marks for review by Stage Coordinators at the end of Semester I and at the full meeting of the APAC in June.
  3. Ensure current assessment regulations and conventions are adhered to.
  4. Liaise with External Examiners, the University Examinations Office, the Dean of the Faculty of Taught Programmes, etc..
  5. Convene the Department Mitigation Committee.

Important Dates

Early October and early January Inform all lecturers of:
  1. the numbers and lengths of the questions required from them;
  2. the rubrics of the corresponding examination papers;
  3. the deadlines for receipt of questions;
  4. the names of checkers of questions;
  5. the dates, times and places of the relevant coordination meetings.
Early October Inform all External Examiners of the timetable of the examination preparation, and to ensure that they have the relevant programme information
October/November and January/February Prepare sets of full, checked and edited draft copies (in coordination meeting numbers) of all papers.
Mid-November and late FebruaryArrange the coordination meetings and agree chairpersons.
Late November and early MarchFacilitate such alterations to the papers as are decided by the coordination meetings.
Late November and early MarchSend the revised papers to the External Examiners for comment.
Early December and late MarchEnsure examiners have reacted appropriately to the suggestions made by the External Examiners that agreed changes have been made.
Mid-December and early AprilPrepare the final papers for printing and submit on CD-ROM to the Examinations Office
Late January and late JuneCoordinate marking of examination papers and processing of marks.
Early FebruaryTo consult with the HoS on advice on suspensions and withdrawals.
JuneProduce Student Perfomance Reports for the marks obtained by all students, prepare draft class lists for the meetings of the full APAC, and communicate the recommendations of the Department APAC and Consequences of Failure consultations to the College APAC.
JunePreliminary Examiner's Meeting, Examination Board, Stage-1 Examiners' Meeting
June / JulyPrepare transcripts, arrange release to students via the student portal.
Early SeptemberCoordinate marking of referred/deferred examinations and processing of results
SeptemberDeferred/referred APAC

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