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Navigation and tabs


If you would prefer your pages to be displayed as tabs, like these pages, just replace the word "submenu" in the sidebar.txt file with word "tabs" and optionally add some title text to appear at the top. For example, the sidebar.txt file for this directory looks like this:
title: Navigation and tabs

tabs: The sidebar and tabs

./ The sidebar
options.html  Common options
single.html One-file directories
more.html More options
tabs.html Prefer tabs?

The effect is that these pages are displayed as a set of tabs with the entire set appearing as a single entry in the sidebar to the left. Replacing the word "tabs" with "submenu" would cause this set of pages to be displayed as a submenu of "School Web pages", ie a sub-submenu of "IT issues".

This also allows you to to directly link to any individual tab, since each tab has its own page and the URLs don't change if you decide to swap between tabs and submenus.

Printable version

The right-hand tabe ("Printable version") is generated automatically and is the concatination of the other tabs. To disable this specify the "noprintable" option, as in the sidebar.txt file for the Desktop PC support directory:

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