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Mobile strategy

Smart-phones are rapidly becoming huge:
  • You don't need a smartphone just a smart media player such as an iPod Touch which gives you everything an iPhone does, including Internet via WiFi, but without the phone or the cost of a monthly contract.
  • Every teenager wants one.
  • They are going to be cheap: Google have developed their Phone/Media Player OS called Android and are giving it away for free. Many companies are about to bring out Android devices. Nokia have a similar strategy.
  • The University is rolling out pervasive wireless.

Hence my prediction: By January 2011 the idea of "going to your computer" to "access the Internet" will seem out-dated and naive to at least half our students. (Why January 2011? Because it follows Christmas 2010!)

People will expect the Internet with them where ever they go, at least in the University.

What we're doing

  1. We're making our main site as mobile-friendly as we can without compromising it for full-screen browsers.

  2. We will shortly launch which will have exactly the same content as newton but with a different template and style sheet.

What we're asking you to do

  1. Design your pages without having a specific window size in mind. We are putting together some styles and advice.

  2. Be patient! This is a learning curve for every one and I'm trying to make our mistakes now, whilst it;s a bit ahead of the game to have a mobile site, rather than when it becomes embarrassing.

Mobile-phone simulators

The iPhoney iPhone simulator (Macs only). Our own mobile layout tester.

Mobile-friendly sites


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