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Editing your web pages

To edit your web pages do not save then from within your browser. Instead mount the SMB share \\newton\web from your Mac or PC using your IT Services username and edit them using a text editor (not Word!).

Finding your files inside the network share

When you have mounted your share using the instructions below this will take you to the top-level of the web server.

So, if for example if your intials are "ABC" and you wish to edit the source to the page teaching/resources/abc/PHY1234/ , you mount the network share, then open the teaching directory, then the resources directory and finally your own abc and PHY1234 directories where you will find the index file, index.html.

Windows users

To mount the web-server source file use:   Tools -> Map Network Drive

from the Tools menu of most file-browsing windows (e.g. as "My Computer", "My Documents", etc.) and enter \\newton\web

We recommend using Notepad to edt your HTML files.

Mac users

Connect with:

Go -> Connect to Server -> smb://

Mac OS Leopard users may need to use:   smb://
This turns off file locking which should only be a problem if two people try to edit the same file at the same time.

When opening html files with TextWrangler click on the "Ignore Rich Text" option so it shows you the HTML source, not the formatted page. If you use TextEdit go to Preferences -> Open and Save and select "Ignore rich text in HTML files".


When using your mac as above, the Astro web server is accessed via:
Go -> Connect to Server -> smb://
or for leopard users who can cope without file locking:
Go -> Connect to Server -> smb://

Remember to use your central University login.

External access

As always, when logging in from home
use the VPN, authenticating with your IT Services acount.

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