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A byline is a term for the name of the author of the author(s) of an article.

The following sidebar.txt entry will add a byline to every page in the directory and recursively in its sub-directories, immediately below the first <H1>:

byline: <a href='/staff/AS/'>Dr A. Scientist</a>
See for example the natural photonics pages where the names of the principle researchers are added immediately below each title.

Group logo

If you have a group logo like the Electromagnetic Materials group it can be added to the bottom of every sidebar. Ask me for details.

HTML classes (advanced!)

The following snippet:
class: myclass
will open a new div of that class. You can close it with an empty class:, if you leave it open the system will close it for you when the sidebar ends.

Currently the only useful class defined is "bottombox" which is designed for putting a news or "advertising" box at the bottom of the sidebar:

class: bottombox
/recruitment/ Freelance assassins required, full training provided

'Virtual' sub-directories

The key words startsubmenu and endsubmenu indictate a section that is formatted like a submenu:

c-intro.html Introduction to C
example-0.html A short example

In this case if the current page is NOT one of the sub-menu pages (c-intro.html or example-0.html) then only the first link (c-intro.html) is shown. if it is one of these all the links are shown formatted as a sub-menu.


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