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Registration of Students

Role Description

  1. Meet with all new undergraduates during Freshers' Week:
    1. ensure they have registered for correct modules
    2. ensure that School records and class list are correct
    3. check all new students are referred to the (Department Handbook)
    4. ensure students are quickly aware of general arrangements for timetable, tutors, etc.
    5. collect photographs and emergency contact forms
  2. Check and sign registration forms for returning students, ensuring they have registered for correct modules. Collect emergency contact forms.
  3. Liaise with person responsible for External Students Registration Advisor to ensure information about such students is properly integrated.
  4. Provide postgraduates with registration papers, School information and the URL for the PGRS handbook.
  5. Collect emergency contact forms.

Important Dates

Early SeptemberCheck introductory information and send to new undergraduate students.
Late SeptemberCollect information for new students and registration. Liaise with Tutorial System Co-ordinator.
Freshers' DayMeet undergraduate students, distribute information, agree maths level, collect photos and other details from students. Check and sign registration forms.
Early OctoberMeet postgraduate students, distribute registration documentation and information.
May-JuneDistribute and collect option choice forms for returning students. Notify Examinations Office of choices for pre-printing registration forms.

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