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Postgraduate Admissions and Publicity

Important Dates

July/AugUpdate information on the web:
Sept/OctEnsure 'research details' packs are available, including:
  • Postgraduate prospectus (includes application forms)
  • Research Booklet (i.e. a printed version of PG admissions and research web-pages)
  • Information provided to international students via the International Office
  • Standard letters (update each yeardate). There are 2 types of letter: PhD (UK), PhD (OS). Each has its own selection of literature.
OctIn consultation with Director of Research and Head of School, decide distribution of DTA Research-Studentships accordance with published procedures.
Oct-JuneDeal with applications:
  • Decide whether interest is in PhD from UK or overseas students and send out information as requested
  • When completed applications come in (via Northcote House) get secretary to copy the details and distribute to all staff who are likely to be interested, asking for feedback asap.
  • Review applications and status thereof with Director of Research.
JanOrganise meetings with final-stage students interested in research.
Jan/FebOrganise a postgraduate day/evening in School to make Exeter undergraduates aware of possibilities.
Feb/MarIf information has not already been received, request information regarding the number of studentships to be allocated from EPSRC (contact their studentships section).
Mar/MayConsider advertising in New Scientist.
May/JulyIn consultation with Director of Research and Head of Schoo, match candidates with places in accordance with approved proceedures. Ensure EPSRC nomination forms are completed (by July 31).


You will be approached by many publishers wanting you to advertise with them. Resist! Sales-people may be directed to the University's Marketing Division. Recent experience shows that most interest comes from the web pages. It is proposed that advertising is placed in New Scientist in March/April if required.

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