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Induction Period for Stage 1 Students

Exeter provides a number of special events and arrangements for students new to University. These events are essential for all new students. They are an opportunity to make friends, settle into accommodation, meet lecturers and tutors and iron out any problems prior to the start of term. Student volunteers return early to help you and ensure that you get maximum benefit from the programme.

Welcome Week

The University's 'Welcome Week' is held in Week T1:00, before the start of the Autumn term. The programme includes a welcome message from the Vice-Chancellor and the Guild of Students (i.e. the student union), College/Department days, Registration, campus- and city tours. There are also talks from the University's support services covering a wide range of topics including IT provision, Library facilities, budgeting, counselling and study skills.

The Students' Guild organises an entertainments programme. In the evenings there are live bands in the Great Hall, discos in 'The Lemmy' (the students' nightclub), comedy and film shows. Daytime activities include: aerobics, off-campus trips and events organised by the Guild societies. A fun inter-hall sports competition runs throughout the week.

Rooms in the University are given codes such as 'NEW/A' (lecture theatre A in the Newman Building) and 'PHY/124' (room 124 on the first floor of the Physics Building). The following links may prove useful:

All new students should familiarise themselves with the facilities and information available in the University Library at the earliest opportunity. The best way to do this is to work through one of the online training courses.

Please refer to the following websites for specific information:

University of Exeter Handbook (Physics) Questions/Comments Department (Physics)