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Electromagnetic Materials Group

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PhD Theses

A selection of the EM Materials Group's PhD theses are provided below.

Guy Peter Bryan-Brown "Optical Excitation of Electromagnetic Modes Using Grating Coupling" March 1991 pdf
Jonathan Blair Harris "Modelling the optical response of multilayered gratings containing liquid crystals" June 1996 pdf
Piers Andrew "Molecular fluorescence near metallic interfaces" September 1998 pdf
Alastair Paul Hibbins "Grating Coupling of Surface Plasmon Polaritons at microwave and visible frequencies" November 1999 pdf
Jonathan Arthur Edward Wasey "Spontaneous emission within wavelength-scale microstructures" June 2001 pdf
Ian Richard Hooper "The Optical Response of Short-Pitch Surface- Relief Gratings" May 2002 pdf
Peter Allen Hobson "Photonic modes of organic light emitting structures" July 2002 pdf
Sharon Ann Jewell "Optical waveguide characterisation of hybrid aligned nematic liquid crystal cells" December 2002 pdf
Matthew John Lockyear "Electromagnetic surface wave mediated absorption and transmission of radiation at microwave frequencies" November 2004 pdf
William Andrew Murray "Optical properties of nanoscale silver structures fabricated by nanosphere lithography" August 2005 pdf
Timothy James Atherton "Frustration Phenomena due to Elastic Anisotropy in Thin Liquid Crystal Films" December 2006 pdf
Zhuo Chen "Grating Coupled Surface Plasmons in Metallic Structures" October 2007 pdf
Robert Kelly "The Microwave Response of Subwavelength Structures with Liquid Crystals" December 2007 pdf
Paul Steven Keatley "Time-Resolved Magneto-Optical Investigations of Picosecond Magnetisation Dynamics in Arrays of Non- Ellipsoidal Ferromagnetic Nano-Elements" June 2008 pdf
Joseph Alexander Noyes "Experimental techniques for the study of natural photonic structures" September 2008 pdf
Stephen Leslie Cornford "Recovery and analysis of director profiles in liquid crystal cells" October 2008 pdf
Martyn Richard Gadsdon "The Optical Response of Rectangular Metallic Gratings and Metal/Dielectric Multilayers " December 2008 pdf
Baptiste Auguié "Optical properties of gold nanostructures" April 2009 pdf
James Parsons Nanoparticles and nanocomposites for display applications August 2009 pdf


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