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Mid-Semester Tests Organiser

Role Description

  1. Get questions from course tutors in good time for tests
  2. Get these typed, formatted, duplicated and vetted for level, pass to appropriate Problems Class Co-ordinator
  3. Publicise tests
  4. Sort and distribute papers for marking
  5. Recollect and collate marks / papers; redistribute marks to tutors / co-ordinator and papers to tutors
  6. Investigate missing marks and annotate the marksheet in accordance with the missing-marks procedure.
  7. Recover papers from tutors for archiving

Important Dates

Week 1Confirm schedule of tests.
Week 1Liaise with lecturers giving Semester I modules.
Week 12Transmit Semester I marks to School Administrator.
Week 13Liaise with lecturers giving Semester II modules.
Week 25Transmit Semester II marks to School Administrator.

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