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Laser Safety Officer

Role Description

Ensure that the use of lasers within the School complies with appropriate standards of safety and good practice.

Specific duties include:

  1. Monitoring the extent to which laser equipment and procedures within the School comply with the recommendations of IEC60825-1 Amendment 2, and informing the Head of School and the School Safety Officer of any deviations from good practice.
  2. Appointing, after consultation with the Head of School, Laser Systems Supervisors (LSS) to oversee the day-to-day application of the standard within defined areas of laser work.
  3. Providing advice and assistance to the LSS's regarding safe working practices to be adopted when working with specific laser systems.
  4. Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date record of laser installations within the School, and informing the University Laser Safety Officer (ULSO) of the installation of new laser equipment.
  5. Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date record of approved users of all class 3R and higher laser systems.
  6. Ensuring that a thorough risk assessment has been carried out by each LSS for any procedure involving a laser system of class 3b or higher.
  7. Investigating any laser-related accidents that occur within the school and submitting a full report to the head of school and the ULSO.
  8. Receive, consider and, where appropriate, disseminate updated information concerning laser safety legislation from the ULSO and other sources.
  9. Undertaking routine surveys to ensure compliance with IEC60825-1.

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