University of Exeter Handbook (Physics) Questions/Comments Department (Physics)

Head of Discipline

General Responsibilities

  1. Overall responsibility for coordinating all aspects of School operation
  2. Chair of Management Committee
  3. Chair of School Meeting


  1. With Teaching Committee: agreeing programme structures, teaching strategies, syllabi, etc., long-range planning
  2. With Teaching Committee: agreeing quality measures to ensure feedback and maintenance of standards
  3. With Chair Teaching Committee: staff duties re lecturing, problems classes, demonstrating, laboratories, tutorials, etc.
  4. Examinations: appointment of external examiners, Chair and conduct Board of Examiners
  5. Preparation of Teaching Plans for University

Student Matters

  1. Attend Student-Staff Liaison Committe and facilitate response to matters raised
  2. Tutorial reports - monitor and take action
  3. Student problems - field those not covered by tutors


  1. Identification of administrative tasks
  2. Devolvement of tasks to staff
  3. Ensuring tasks devolved are satisfactorily performed
  4. Overall workloads (Teaching, Research, Administration)
  5. School Meetings: Chair/facilitate responses
  6. Fabric/facilities - long-term planning
  7. Equipment - long-term planning
  8. Records


  1. Preparation and Management of School budget
  2. Preparation of School Business Plan for University
  3. Devolvement and monitoring of School Budget to individual budget holders
  4. Assessment of equipment needs and resultant financial planning


  1. Appointment of staff (either as Chair or member of appropriate committee)
  2. Staff appraisal
  3. Staff promotion support to University (with advice)
  4. General staffing matters (resolution of interpersonal problems, sickness cover, etc.) taking advice of Personnel Office as appropriate
  5. Staff development
  6. Preparation of Staffing Plans for University
  7. Preparation of Research Plans for University


  1. With Research Committee: long term research structure planning
  2. With Research Committee: Research Assessment Exercise planning
  3. With Research Committee: monitoring of research performance
  4. With Research Committee: Research student courses
  5. Monitoring of research grant applications/reports

Important Dates

Oct/NovStaffing Submissions
Oct/NovEquipment bids
July and AugBudgets
AugSchool Plans
SeptSchool Dialogues

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University of Exeter Handbook (Physics) Questions/Comments Department (Physics)