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Laser Systems Supervisor

Role Description

When new laser equipment is installed within their area of responsibility, the Laser Systems Supervisor (LSS) ensures that adequate engineering and administrative controls are implemented to allow the associated work to comply with the recommendations of IEC60825-1 Amendment 2.

Specific duties include:

  1. Informing the School Laser Safety Officer (SLSO) promptly when new laser equipment is about to be installed within the LSS's area of responsibility and arranging for the SLSO to inspect the equipment and review the associated safety procedures.
  2. Informing the SLSO promptly of personnel changes that may require training of new laser operators.
  3. Providing such training as may be required to new personnel appointed within his/her area of responsibility to enable them to comply with the relevant local rules.
  4. Ensuring that staff within their area continue to comply with the local rules, e.g. by periodic checking of working practices.
  5. Informing the SLSO promptly of any changes in laser procedures that may require amendments to the local rules.
  6. Day-to-day health and safety management of individual research projects
  7. Ensuring that all work involving hazardous lasers is covered by risk assessments and where appropriate by written schemes of work and protocols.
  8. Ensuring that lasers are made safe prior to disposal and dealt with appropriately if they contain hazardous materials.

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