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General Statement of Department Safety Policy

The policy of this Department is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions to ensure that both research and teaching equipment are adequately maintained and that safe systems of work are followed by staff and students. Training, instruction or supervision will be provided as and when required.

Overall responsibility for health and safety in the Department lies with the College Manager for CEMPS. The person responsible for administering this policy is the the Department Safety Officer. The Department Safety Committee has a monitoring and advisory role.

The Department has produced a comprehensive Safety Manual published on its webserver, copies of which are placed in all teaching and research laboratories and workshops, and in the Education Support Office. Staff should familiarise themselves with sections relevant to their work.

Special note must be taken of the Emergency procedures both during and outside normal working hours.

Accident Record Book

This is held by the Department Safety Officer

First Aid

First Aid boxes are situated in prominent places throughout the Physics Building. Please familiarise yourself with their locations. Nothing must be taken out of the first aid boxes except in an emergency and a First Aider must be informed so that supplies can be replaced. All First Aiders have their own kits. First Aiders in the building are listed on prominently displayed notices.

All accidents must be reported to the Department Safety Officer

Laser Safety and Ionising-Radiation Safety

In addition to the Safety Committee, there are two other members of staff who have responsibility for Laser Safety and Ionising-Radiation Safety and must be consulted whenever new equipment is to be commisioned or new practices introduced.


  1. There is also a University Safety Office and a University Health and Safety Policy
  2. All employees and students have a responsibility to co-operate with supervisors and any officer engaged in the promotion of health and safety.
  3. Employees / students must consult with the above listed authorities for advice on any health or safety matter which they are not able to resolve themselves. They should also consult their union safety representative.
  4. The University Safety Committee also visits the Department from time to time and the Health and Safety Executive can, and do, carry out spot checks.
  5. A fire drill is carried out at the beginning of the first term during an afternoon when the building is at its busiest. The time required for complete evacuation of the building is noted and is usually approximately 5 minutes.

University of Exeter Handbook (Physics) Questions/Comments Department (Physics)