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Chair of Student-Staff Liaison Committee

Role Description

This role is held by a student who should be familiar with the following documents:

Specific activities include:

  1. Chair meetings of the School of Physics SSLC: request agenda items; convene and chair 1 meetings;
  2. check and arrange distribution of minutes; follow-up and initiate action on matters raised; report back to next meeting.
  3. Attend other relevant meetings in the School, e.g. School Meetings and Teaching Committee Meetings for the discussion of SSLC Minutes
  4. Submit annual report to the School Meeting
  5. Co-ordinate course representatives in the School
  6. provide a link with academic representatives in other Schools by sitting on the Students' Guild' Academic Affairs Committee.
  7. Help individual students to resolve problems or queries, either through meetings in the School, or
  8. referring the student on to the appropriate person in the University or Guild.
  9. Co-ordinate academic representation within the School, by keeping in regular contact with other SSLC members.
  10. Maintain information about the School in the 'Yellow Folder' in the Guild Education Unit.
  11. Liaise with the Handbook Editor in order to provide information about its useability from a student perspective.

Important Dates

The schedule of meetings is given in the SSLC Terms of Reference.

3 weeks before meetingAdvertise date of next meeting and request agenda items
1 weeks before meetingCirculate agenda
At meetingChair Meeting
1 week after meetingCheck, then circulate draft minutes within School.

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