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Handbook Editor

Role Description

The School Handbook is a single definitive source mechanism for recording and dissemminating information about the School. The role of the Editor is to Develop the School Handbook and maintain its currency and integrity. A strict policy that 'information must not appear in more than one place' is necessary to ensure the consistency and maintainability of the handbook.

Specific activities include:

  1. Maintain the chronological list of changes to the Handbook which is submitted as a regular item to School Teaching Committee
  2. Monitor minutes of the School's Committee system and make necessary ammendments to the Handbook. Refer inconsistent policy to Committee Chairs for resolution.
  3. Edit documents to be included in the handbook in order to preserve a uniform style and conform to the policies described above.
  4. Provide printed versions of the handbook for special purposes (e.g. to be sent to new students)
  5. Coordinate publication of module descriptors and ensure that all changes are made in a manner consistent with School and University policy, programme aims and objectives, etc..

Important Dates

AugustPrint versions of handbook for copying and distribution to new students

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