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PHY2028 Introduction

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Module Management

The module 'Practical Electronics II' is continuously assessed and the mark contributes directly to the final degree, therefore:

  • All work must be written and kept together in an A4 ring-binder with every sheet numbered and dated.
  • Every student must be familiar with the School Penalties for Plagiarism and Late Submission of Work. These require that work presented after stated deadlines will receive no more than a threshold pass mark unless there is a verifiable excuse (e.g. a medical certificate) that the non-presentation was due to circumstances beyond your reasonable control.

Each week has a background sheet which students are expected to study in advance of the laboratory sessions. Without a reasonable familiarity with the material covered on the background sheet, it will be very difficult to complete the labaoratory work satisfactorily.

All material submitted for assessment must be your own work and must include sufficient commentary to show the method you used to arrive at the results.

Getting Started

Here is a list of things students must do before the first laboratory session which starts at 1000hrs on Thursday of Week 1:

  1. Read the module description for PHY2028.
  2. Read the School rules relating to Penalties for Late Work and Plagiarism which are published on the WWW.
  3. Purchase a ring binder and a supply of A4 paper.
  4. Make sure you have easy access to a copy of the module text (Storey N., 1998). There is a copy in the University library and several copies in the Electronics Laboratory which can be consulted by arrangement with the technician.
  5. Study, the first background sheet.

Demonstrators and Office Hours (Provisional)

The module instructor is Dr C.D.H. Williams who will be at all the laboratory classes. He will also be available to discuss problems associated with the worksheets at other times by email, or by appointment.

Demonstrator support during the laboratory sessions will also be provided. Demonstrator(s) will also be available in the Computing Laboratory in weeks 7-11 at the time shown on the timetable to assist with the simulation exercises.


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