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PHY2028 Assessment Guidelines


All work required of students is specified on worksheets which are listed, along with the deadlines on the Worksheets and Deadlines document. The maximum mark attainable for exercises is given in square brackets. In practical classes the work between each milestone is worth 10 marks. Demonstrators must refuse to mark work under the following circumstances and refer the matter to the course instructor:

  • the work is not in a proper binder;
  • the work is presented after the deadline;
  • there is reason to suspect plagiarism.

Marking Criteria for Practical Work

The activities required by practical work in this module are, in decreasing order of difficulty:

  • design,
  • analysis of circuits,
  • interpretation of measurements,
  • correction of non-working circuits,
  • assembly of circuit,
  • recording of data.

The marks awarded at each milestone should be awarded with this hierarchy in mind. Work that is as good as would be expected of an able postgraduate, given the same resources as are available to the student, should receive full marks. A student who has understood enough to follow the instructions and build a circuit, but is unable to detect or correct their own mistakes could expect to receive about 40% of the marks.

Feedback may be given in a variety of ways: written, verbal, or by 'PodCast'. Any student who is unusure about what they need to do to improve their performance should not hesitate to seek advice from the module leader.


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