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PHY2028 Data-sheets for Common Devices

Online Component Data
Part Overview Description Data-sheet SPICE Application Notes
1N4148 General purpose Si diode 1N4148.pdf 1N4148.MOD N/A
BC107/8/9 Bipolar Transistor BC107_108_109_4.pdf bc107bp.mod N/A
BC212A Bipolar Transistor BC212A bc212ap.mod N/A
BC337 NPN Bipolar Transistor BC337_3.pdf bc337.prm N/A
PN4416 N-channel JFET DS_2N4416_A.pdf J2N4416.mod IF
BZXC4V7 Zener Diode (4.7V/0.35W) ds18001.pdf BZX84C4V7.mod N/A
LM741 Operational Amplifier LM741.pdf LM741.MOD NS
LF411 Operational Amplifier LF411.pdf LF411.MOD NS
NE555D Timer NS

All the above models, with minor alterations to facilitate use with SPICE 3, are included in the PHY2028 Spice Model library PHY2028.LIB.

ADAnalog Devices
FCFairchild Semiconductor
IFInterFET Corporation
NSNational Semiconductor
ZXZetex Semiconductor

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