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Improving desktop IT support

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What will happen if my machine goes wrong?

The key to our support model is that we will always have at least one spare machine identical to one yours (other than in your choice of monitors, disks, etc). It will have been bought specially, brand new, not be a several-year-old cast off.

If it's an obvious hardware fault

A technician will put your disks, monitor(s), expansion cards, etc. to a spare PC to get you working again right away. S/he will then take your machine away, run the hardware diagnostics and call the HP engineer to arrive the next day. The spare machine is yours until your original is fixed.

If it's not clear what the problem is

Then swapping the disks into the spare machine machine will greatly speed up finding the problem. If you are using Active Directory we will do everything we can to lend you a machine whilst we are trying to work out what is wrong with yours.

How will my machine initially be set up?

Unless you request otherwise, the PC will come with a standard suite of software including MS Office, backup or Active Directory, anti-virus, Firefox, Acrobat Reader, etc, etc.


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