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Fixing the email archive

The central email server has a "feature" whereby emails over a year old are archived to a separate location and replaced with a short message consisting of the first few lines of the whole message followed by a hyperlink to the new location.

Not only is this slow, but it creates havoc when trying to keep local copies on your notebook or other client machines.

Following a recent meeting with Information and Computing Systems Division we believe we have soutions for both Microsoft Outlook and other users.

Microsoft Outlook

The vendors of the email archiving system provide a "Laptop Client" for Microsoft Outlook to allow local copies of email folders to be stored on your laptop (or desktop) in a transparent manner. It's available on-line via the email archive web page. If in doubt contact IT Support.

Other email clients

If you use any other client the email archiving systen can simply be turned off and your previously-archived emails restored. Just email with the reason for your request.

If you hit your email quota

If you disable archiving you may hit your stored email quota, which at time of writing is 2GB. After all, that's the point of the email archive. You should receive emails warning you before this happens. If so contact JMR: we have various potential solutions.

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