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Quantum Systems and Nanomaterials Group

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SP Hepplestone's Cv

Present Post

  • Research Fellow

Education Qualificiations

Ph.D. Physics, University of Exeter. Febuary 2007
Thesis Title: The Lattice Dynamics and Thermal Properties of Nanostructures
Supervisor: Professor G. P. Srivastava

Master of Physics, First Class, University of Exeter, July 2003

A-Levels in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Further Mathematics

Research Experience

  • Research Fellow, January 2007-Present
  • Doctoral Research, University of Exeter, September 2003-December 2006
    - Conceived and developed a theory of lattice dynamics in silicon nanostructures, both stand-alone structures and upon a substrate.
    - Applied and optimized the theory of specific heat capacity to carbon nanotubes.
    - Developed a theory of phonon-phonon interactions in one dimensional systems and applied this to carbon nanotubes.
    - Currently developing a theory of thermal conductivity for carbon nanotubes and silicon nanowires.
  • Masters Research, University of Exeter, September 2002 - July 2003
    Single Electron Transport Using SAW Devices, Calculating the tunneling time for electrons through a double barrier device

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant, Physics Department, University of Exeter, September 2003 - Present. Demonstrated and trained undergraduates in theoretical techniques and general understanding of physics.

A-Level Tutor; Private tutoring of Physics A-level syllabus

Abstracts and Presentations

S. P. Hepplestone and G. P. Srivastava, Specific Heat Capacity of Carbon Nanotubes, Presented at the European Convention for Surface Science 2005 (Poster contribution).

S. P. Hepplestone and G. P. Srivastava, The intrinsic lifetime of low-frequency zone-centre phonon modes in silicon nanowires and carbon nanotubes, Presented at the 4th International Workshop on Semiconductor Surface Passivation in Gliwice, Poland (Oral Presentation)

Temperature Dependence of Specific Heat Capacity of Carbon Nanotubes presented at the CMMP Conference (Poster contribution)

Lattice Dynamics of silicon nanostructures, CMMP06 (Poster contribution)

S. P. Hepplestone and G. P. Srivastava, 7), Frequency and Temperature Dependence of Anharmonic Phonon Relaxation Rate in Carbon Nanotubes, Presented in an Oral Presentation at International Conference of Nanoscience and Technology 2006. (ICN+T06)

Professional Affliations

Associate Member of the Institute of Physics

Computational skills

  • C++
  • C
  • Fortran 77
  • Fortran 90
  • Html
  • Xhtml
  • Unix
  • linux
  • Microsoft Windows
  • DOS

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