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Quantum Systems and Nanomaterials Group

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SP Hepplestone's Former Research Interests

Phonons in Silicon Nanostructures

In 2004 and 2005 I carried out a series of lattice dynamical calculations for the phonon dispersion relations for Silicon nanostructures. These approaches were based upon the Adiabatic Bond Charge Mdoel which has been successfully employed to model several other systems. These results in particular studied the behaviour of two zone-center modes, the highest optical mode and the lowest non-zero mode, called the sigma mode. Using a unified technique it was possible to investigate the behaviour of phonon modes in several different types of nanostructure that silicon may form and draw out key differences and simularities. Further information is available within my publications.

Tunneling in Nanostructures

Previously I have studied the tunnelling of electrons in a single and double potential barrier systems. This approach was based upon the Transfer Matrix Method. It was submitted as part of my master's project for my degree of MPhys (Master Of Physics).


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