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Radiation Protection Officer (RPO)

Role Description

As specified in the University Rules. At the time of writing (September 2007):

  1. To ensure within the College that the Local Rules, schemes of work and Regulations are adhered to.
  2. To ensure that suitable and appropriate training is provided for all radiation workers.
  3. To keep the URPO informed of all changes in the nature of the work in the College, and to assist in the reformulation of Local Rules and schemes of work to accommodate these.
  4. To ensure the keeping of records of the radioactive materials brought into the College, how they are used and any disposals. To ensure that all disposals are in accordance with the waste disposal certificates held by the University. To allow the URPO reasonable access to these records at all times.
  5. To make regular checks and inspections of storage sites for radioactive materials and to monitor radiation levels at these sites, to monitor contamination of working surfaces etc. at least two times each year and to keep records of these checks.
  6. To monitor the scatter and leakage from X-ray analytical equipment at least twice a year and to keep records of these measurements.
  7. To report to the URPO any irregularity noted during the above checks, or arising at other times.
  8. To arrange with the URPO for the disposal of waste.
  9. To inform the URPO of new workers in the College so that medical tests can be arranged for them if necessary and so that they can be interviewed by the URPO. To inform the URPO when any worker ceases to work with ionising radiations or leaves the University.
  10. To organise, where necessary, free access to areas of the College by the URPO for inspections.
  11. To attend meetings of the Radiation Hazards Committee.
  12. To arrange and ensure prompt distribution and collection of dosemeters within the College.
  13. To bring to the attention of the URPO any other matters of which he should be aware.
  14. To act as Radiation Protection Supervisor in those areas where no other RPS has been appointed.

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