I am presently Reseach Fellow at the University of Exeter (United Kingdom) in Pr. R. Jones Theoretical semiconductor physics group


I am working on the properties of rare earth inside nitride semiconductors. For this project I am a member of the Renibel European network


My stuff


My CV is here (in HTML, in PDF.English, in PDF.french).

My publication list is there

A (quick) summary of my research is here : you can also find my last presentation on Rare Earths in GaN here.

If you just think that Devon and Cornwall are just places where you never see the sun, you are mostly right but have a look here you still can be surprised.

I also have a small diving gallery there.

And here are my links for both work and fun

And finally for the ones dreaming of warm exotic seas you will find some pictures of my last expedition in Red Sea there.


Here is the famous Hay-Tor in Dartmoor National Park in Devon (and of course its tourists)






Contact Jean-Sebastien Filhol(filhol@excc.ex.ac.uk)

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