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Timetable Information


Please check your timetable as early as possible and email if you spot any clashes or other problems. Please keep in mind that the University can (and does) change timetables in order to resolve clashes and other issues. You should continue to check your timetable and University email account regularly to ensure you are aware of any such changes.

For details of the production schedule please refer to the Timetable Process Schedule link on the Timetable Office website.

New Undergraduates

The schedule of Induction Week activities is sent to new students by the Education Support Office, as follows:


Once registration has been completed near the start of the year, students can access personal timetables via the University portal. The timetables for undergraduate programmes are normally published in July of each year:

Use the form to specify:

N.B. The week numbers used on the University Timetable have to be converted to term-week numbers used on module descriptors and in the Department Handbook by using their link to 'Week Numbers':


Staff can check their timetabled teaching by following the advice for students. Staff timetables are accesible via the University portal from about July.

University of Exeter Handbook (Physics) Questions/Comments Department (Physics)