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Research Student Training Programme Co-ordinator

Role Description

  1. Develop the Research Student Training Programme bearing in mind the requirements of EPSRC/MRC, the University, the supervisors, etc..
  2. Coordinate timetabling and room booking via the College Timetable Officer.
  3. Review School Handbook entries and syllabus as required.
  4. Check attendance records and performance records.
  5. Make sure the tasks (e.g. reports, talks etc. as specified in the School Handbook) are completed and the assessment carried out and recorded.
  6. Notify the supervisor, or the Chair of Research Committee as appropriate, of unsatisfactory student-performance.

Important Dates

SeptemberFinalise arrangements for course and submit updates to School Handbook Editor.
OctoberWeek 1 is used for introduction to School and concentrates on basic training requirements.

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University of Exeter Handbook (Physics) Questions/Comments Department (Physics)